A New Twist In The Marketing Company Selection Process

For generations marketing executives have relied on their best and brightest members of their creative departments to produce works of marketing art to dazzle potential clients in order to get them to sign on with their firm over the competition. However, the Toronto business marketing experts of the 21st century are calling on a different department to entice new customers… the accounting department.

No, we didn’t mistype, bear with us for a few paragraphs and you’ll see what we mean.

In today’s tight economy, businesses are being forced to find ways to spend less and make the money that they do spend stretch as far as possible. This has left them looking for the best deals they can find in every aspect of business including Toronto business marketing. There is no shortage of great marketing agencies out there, all of which have top notch creative talent capable of getting your brand message out in front of your target audience. With so many companies on a level playing field, the quality of the creative talent is not as useful a metric to narrow down the competition as it once was. Sure, it can eliminate the sub-par marketers who would be a complete waste of money to hire and narrow your choices down to handful of top companies, but it won’t narrow it any further.

This is why so many clients are now turning to various efficiency rating methods to determine which Toronto business marketing firm to hire. Just like consumers everywhere, these huge organizations are looking to get the best bargain they can possibly find without sacrificing quality.

If you’re a marketing client, we’d love to hear what you look at when choosing new marketing company. If you’re a marketing professional, let us know what you’re doing to attract clients in this new economy. Just leave us a quick comment below; we’d love to hear from all of you.