An article by Buzz Internet Staff May 4, 2013

The Importance of Keeping Your Content Short and Sweet

Today more than ever before it seems that whenever you talk to someone, they have a “too much going on” and are always on the run. This has become a serious issue for television, newspapers and other traditional means of Toronto business marketing. Fortunately, those of us in the digital marketing world have means of reaching these busy consumers and the technological innovations of the past decade have consistently made that task easier and easier […]

An article by Buzz Internet Staff May 30, 2012

Content Writing: How to Make It Work for You

The most discussed topic of online marketing always seems to be SEO and the various ways to drive traffic to your website, but what do you do once you have the traffic there? How do you convert those curious people clicking your Google result into customers who will choose your company over your competitors and keep them coming back for more? This has been a mystery to many companies who have come to us in […]