An article by Buzz Internet Staff Oct 24, 2012

Big Shake-ups In The Pay Per Click Ad World

These past few weeks have seen a flurry of announcements and studies shake PPC advertisers and publishers a like and have left many wondering what the future will hold for one of the most common and effect digital marketing tools available. This is a huge concern for anyone involved in the digital marketing realm as we all use PPC to some extent and it has always been an extremely reliable marketing tool for Toronto business […]

An article by Buzz Internet Staff Sep 26, 2012

Video Ads Continue Their Record Smashing Run

There are two basic Toronto business marketing theories which describe how to distribute the advertisements you place online. The first method dictates that you simply run as many ads as possible in as wide a variety of locations as possible with the sole purpose of getting your ads seen by as many people as possible. The idea behind this is that if enough people see your ad, a certain percentage will be in your demographic […]

An article by Buzz Internet Staff Sep 19, 2012

A New Twist In The Marketing Company Selection Process

For generations marketing executives have relied on their best and brightest members of their creative departments to produce works of marketing art to dazzle potential clients in order to get them to sign on with their firm over the competition. However, the Toronto business marketing experts of the 21st century are calling on a different department to entice new customers… the accounting department. No, we didn’t mistype, bear with us for a few paragraphs and […]

An article by Buzz Internet Staff Sep 12, 2012

QR Codes: A Story Of Wasted Potential

Quick Response or QR Codes have become a prominent fixture in our daily lives over the past decade yet many of our fellow citizens have no idea what they are. However, those “funny little boxes” as we’ve heard them described in the past could be a valuable resource for Toronto business marketing if we could only get the public to interact with them more often. Unfortunately, as we’ve already pointed out, many consumers have no […]

An article by Buzz Internet Staff Sep 5, 2012

Is Mobile Marketing Optional?

In a word: No. Once upon a time Toronto business marketing firms could make a choice about whether to expand into the mobile marketing or not. During that era, there frequently was no right or wrong decision and firms on both sides of the divide were experiencing equal success with their chosen methods. However, times have definitely changed and today you won’t find a Toronto business marketing expert who knows what they’re talking about who […]

An article by Buzz Internet Staff Jun 26, 2012

Online Video Marketing 101: Introduction to Video Ad Types Part One

The world of online video marketing can be one of the most confusing and daunting aspects for any newcomer making an entry into the online marketing world. With so many different ad styles, lengths, quality and other options, many small businesses become frustrated and give up. This is very unfortunate, because it also happens to be one of the most effective marketing tools available for any business trying to expand their online presence. This is […]

An article by Buzz Internet Staff Jun 19, 2012

Social Media Mad Men

With another season of the acclaimed AMC TV series Mad Men coming to a close last week, we were left thinking about how the Toronto business marketing world has changed. The show takes place in the mid-60s in New York City and revolves around the advertising firms located on Madison Ave. It manages to do a spectacular job of illustrating how those men turned the marketing world on its head 50 years ago and practically […]

An article by Buzz Internet Staff Jun 12, 2012

Retailers Not Taking Advantage of our Mobile Phone Obsession

With 686 million smart phones expected to ship around the world this year, you would think that all of the major retailers would be taking advantage of this massive resource to increase their sales among those of us who are obsessed with these technological marvels… but if you did think that, you’d be wrong. A recent study by ExactTarget based up their research into the top 100 fastest growing retail stores shows that unlike the […]