An article by Buzz Internet Staff Jan 31, 2014

Online Reputation: A Concept Up in Today’s Corporate World

Many traditional marketing companies have made the effort to create their own tools and services related to Online Reputation Management. Until recently, it was important to build the brand, and then dissemination and strengthening through good communication and marketing strategy. Web 2.0 allows and encourages interactivity and massive participation of users in general, has created a new space in which companies cannot control everything that is built around the brand. Regarding the Reputation Online, there […]

An article by Buzz Internet Staff May 22, 2012

The Consequences of Not Understanding Online Reputations

Last week we posted about online reputations and the dangers presented to individuals and organizations alike if they fail to keep track of what they’re posting and what’s being posted about them on social media. No sooner did that post go live than did the perfect example of this far reaching and often ignored concern make headlines on all the major news outlets. Gene Morphis was CFO of Francesca Holdings Corp. from October 2010 until […]

An article by Buzz Internet Staff May 15, 2012

Online Reputations: Making Them Work For You

It’s considered common knowledge in today’s digital world that a poor online reputation can be the greatest enemy of any organization or individual, but what many people fail to realize, is that with a few simple steps and a bit of ongoing vigilance, it can quickly become your greatest asset. Organizations and Individuals Whether you’re a business owner looking for the next great addition to your workforce, trying to increase your revenue, or an average […]

An article by Buzz Internet Staff Feb 26, 2012

A Quick Note On Personal Reputation Management

“Character is everything,” the poet Ralph Waldo Emerson famously said. But in an age where image is everything, damaging words can cause a negative reputation to overshadow the truth of your character and impact your career or personal life. The personal reputation management services provided by Buzz Internet Marketing Group help to ensure that search engine users, clients, and potential employers receive a true and positive impression of your character and expertise. Online reputation management (ORM) can […]