Content Writing: How to Make It Work for You

The most discussed topic of online marketing always seems to be SEO and the various ways to drive traffic to your website, but what do you do once you have the traffic there? How do you convert those curious people clicking your Google result into customers who will choose your company over your competitors and keep them coming back for more?

This has been a mystery to many companies who have come to us in order to increase that conversion statistic and the cause is almost invariably poor content quality. We’re sure you’ve all seen this from the other side, as a consumer you end up on a site that is full of poorly written, boring or worst of all meaningless content. This can be an instant turn off for potential clients, especially in business to business (B2B) situations where one company is expecting you to meet or exceed a certain level of professionalism. You can be the best in the business at what you do, and even have the most professional staff available, but if that first impression that is offered by your website is contrary to that, it can be devastating to a business.

So how do you go about fixing this first impression problem? The only place to start is by taking a long, honest look at your current website. Does it convey the message you want it to convey? Does it give the instant impression of professionalism that can make or break a deal? Is the content meaningful and engaging, does it make your target audience want to keep reading or does it easily lead to distraction and leave their minds drifting to other topics?

If the answers to any of those questions were not what you wanted them to be, you need to take the next step and make a plan to remedy the situation immediately before any further damage is done to your company’s reputation. Consider hiring an independent content writer if you don’t feel you’re capable of meeting the requirements you need to gain new customers and maintain the customer base you currently have. If your website has been up in current form for a few years, consider hiring an online management company like Buzz Internet. We can go through your whole online presence starting with your website and continuing through your social media presence and blogs, updating them and revamping them to make them as efficient as possible within all of the newest search engine standards.