Does Social Media Marketing Need to Take a Step Back in Time?

Social media marketing is one of the most important parts of any plan for business marketing in Toronto. Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Tumblr, the list of social media platforms goes on and on; and seems to grow larger every day. Depending on your target audience you’re going to need to decide what combination of these services is going to offer you the best access to that audience without wasting time focusing your efforts on platforms which will offer no return on your investment.

With the recent boom in both the popularity of social media marketing and sheer volume of different platforms available many companies are drastically changing the way they handle their programs, frequently for the worse.

When many Toronto business marketing firms first started to focus on social media marketing it was frequently looked at a side project and for the most part these small departments were allowed to work pretty much independently from the main body of the of the business. This independence led to a lot of innovation and made social media marketing the powerful tool it is today by allowing customers to have a direct conversation with representatives of the company that they were never able to experience before.

Unfortunately, about six months ago a major shift started to brew in how companies where handling their social media presence. More and more companies have eliminated the small innovative groups and folded them into their preexisting marketing departments. While the two seem like they would go well together on the surface, many times the friendly atmosphere of having a conversation with a person has been replaced by in your face marketing messages.

This shift is destroying the very thing that was drawing people into an interaction with the company’s social media presence by changing the roles of who is doing the listening. Instead of being there to listen and respond to the customers comments and concerns, the accounts are now predominately be used to shout marketing messages at the customers.

Several recent studies have shown that social media’s influence was beginning to slip and when we believe this is exactly the reason why. Company’s need to remember what originally made social media such a powerful Toronto business marketing tool and go back to the tactics they were using before that slip began.