Does the iPad Mini Require a Revolution in Mobile Advertising?

Apple recently unveiled the long awaited and long expected mini version of their popular iPad tablet designed to compete more directly with the Kindle Fire and Nexus 7 tablets. This has created quite the stir within the mobile device market as Apple fans prove they can always be counted on to rush to get the latest and greatest device. Now you may be wondering why we’re covering this as this blog is dedicated Toronto business marketing and not consumer electronics. Keep reading, I promise it shall all become very clear.

Although it is marketed as a mobile device, the original iPad is considered to be too large by most consumers to be truly portable. This has led Toronto business marketing firms toward designing full page ads like you would find in a magazine which lead consumers to surf onto the target site. However, with the new Mini, consumers are expected to use it on the go. These consumers will generally be more focused and purposeful while browsing the internet and therefore less likely to allow themselves to be taken away on a side trip by such an ad.

Many commentators are talking as if this is a brand new area for Toronto business marketing that we will all be rushing a struggling to conquer. However, that’s not quite the way we see it. There’s already millions of devices being used on a daily basis by consumers with exactly the mindset that was described above; the smartphone. It’s going to take some tweaking and experimentation to find the exact formula that will provide optimal results among these new adopters of the iPad Mini, but the struggle will not be earth shattering. Our current prediction is that the final solution will end up closer to smart phone advertising campaigns than desktop or current table ads, but you will certainly see some influence from those media as marketers take advantage of the extra screen real estate. Let us know what you think, what do the iPad Mini and other ultra-portable tablets hold for the future of mobile marketing?