Emerging Social Networks to Watch in 2013

When it comes to using social media for Toronto business marketing, everyone’s mind usually goes immediately to the big names such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, etc. These all of their merits when it comes to social media marketing and they should definitely be taken advantage of, but it doesn’t hurt to think outside of the box while you’re at it. There are several up and coming social media platforms out there which are looking to make it big over the course of the coming year.


This one is already on its way up and all signs point to it continuing in that direction. Facebook saw it and took the step to purchase it before it got too big to afford, with that connection the usage continued to climb to the point where it now has 50+ pictures being uploaded every second. If you’re not already using this platform to share creative content with your customers, you should be.


Want customer’s opinion on simple topics? If so, Thumb is the site for you. Promoted as “personal crowdsourcing;” this site is creating quite the impact with simple questions posted by users quickly receiving hundreds of responses. While the user base is still comparatively small, they are very active. With an average of 4 hours of engagement per month, they are second only to Facebook among established platforms.


Ever wish you could instantly sell items over Twitter or Instagram as part of your Toronto business marketing strategy? Chirpify allows you to do just that as simply as using the One-Click purchasing on Amazon. You post what you have for sale and as soon as someone replies “buy” the sale is done. People love convenience, especially when it comes to online shopping, this one will almost certainly be taking off in the coming year.

These are our picks for the top three which are set to explode over the next year as tools for Toronto business marketing. There are many more out there though, so don’t be afraid to do a little research and take a gamble on any platform that catches your interest. It will only cost you a little bit of time to try it and you may end up stumbling onto the next big thing that we missed.