Evergreen Email Marketing Tips You Should Know About

Search the Internet for email marketing tips, and Google will surely bring up a generous number of links on this topic. Truth is; email marketing remains to be a worthy investment in e-commerce. The birth of social networking sites and other Internet marketing tools did not make it less effective, but only reinforced the very principle of its existence: getting your message in front of your customers with their approval for an increased potential of making a sale.

The fact that the presence of other viable marketing options on the Web has not seized the power of email marketing only proves that it remains to be an acceptable means of communication to consumers. This doesn’t mean we can already cut some slack on the overall quality of our email marketing efforts. In fact, now is the best time to reflect on how we do this kind of marketing to try to infuse it with other equally effective Internet marketing tools.

Revisiting the way we do email marketing with the purpose of improving it is no rocket science. Your search may send you to pages with various tips on how you can get it done right and how to make it even more effective with other marketing tools, but nothing beats the following evergreen email marketing tips to keep your email marketing on track.


Tips about segmentation and branding your email marketing only mimic the ultimate need for us to personalize our marketing methods. There are two sides of this coin: one is personalizing to suit your brand and the other is personalizing to suit your target audience. The first has something to do with the look and feel of your email marketing campaign while the latter has something to do with the kind of content you deliver to your audience based on their personal preference. Personalizing your email marketing campaign means sending your customers emails that they will find useful and ‘packaging’ it with a touch of your brand.

Provide Value

Now, let’s dig deeper in providing useful content to customers. There’s a reason a customer or a potential customer opt in to receive messages from your brand. You should be able to identify this through the method and the motivation you used to lure them into subscribing to your updates. You should be careful to deliver only the messages they specifically asked for— this is ultimately what providing value is about.

Be consistent

Finally, be consistent. This does not only apply on your publishing schedule, but on all other aspects of your email marketing as well. Be consistent in delivering quality content on time. Be consistent with how you brand your product/service through your email marketing. This is to ensure easy and positive recall.

A brand that delivers personalized, valuable and consistent messages does not only get a chance to market where customers can see them, but also gets the chance to get close to them. At the end of the day; it’s still the relationships we build that matter, and these evergreen email marketing tips are a proof that marketing is a two way street: What you put in is what you get.