Harnessing the Consumer Power of Pinterest

Facebook is the undisputed champion of social media when success is measured purely by number of users and pure traffic volume. However, when looking at social media from a Toronto business marketing perspective, the sheer number of people accessing a site is not as important as what those people are doing while they are there. When comparing platforms through this filter, we can begin to see that Pinterest is potentially a preferable service for a large portion of businesses.

That isn’t to say that Facebook should be ignored completely. Quite the opposite actually due to the previously mentioned fact that they have the largest membership numbers by far which means that your customers can quickly get your business’ identity out in front of their friends who may not have ever heard of you otherwise. The key is to understand the strengths and weaknesses of each service and how to adapt your strategy in order to optimize your efforts on each platform.

When it comes to Toronto business marketing, you’re going to want to get various versions of your message out to your potential customers in as many ways as possible.  Our first recommendation would be to use Facebook as a general introduction to your company and the various things you have to offer. This allows your name to be put in front of thousands of potential with minimal effort and zero risk as your loyal customers share your information with their friends.

Once these customers have your information, the ones who are genuinely interested are the same ones who are going to be searching you out. Recent studies have shown that more than two out of every three Pinterest users use the site for inspiration as to what they should buy. On top of that, a full 70% of users reporting having found items they have then bought or intended to buy through Pinterest posts. These are the customers you’re going to want to target through your Pinterest account. These customers have already heard your name, have a basic idea of what you’re all about and it’s time to hook them with specific examples of exactly what you have to offer.

Using these basic specializations within your social media program will get you on the right path toward getting the most for your time and money. These however are very basic guidelines and nothing more. If you are ready to make sure you’re getting the most out of your social media programs, give us a call today and allow one of our Toronto business marketing experts design a customized solution specifically for you.