How to Improve Your Digital Marketing Agency Reporting Standards

Digital marketing reporting can often seem overwhelming and impossible to understand for the average person upon first glance. However, these reports are vital to the Toronto business marketing effort and need to be fully understood by both the agency employees and clients alike to assure the most effective marketing campaign possible. If handled properly, these apparently indecipherable piles of data can reveal a flood of extremely valuable data to assure the client gets the best valuable possible from their advertising dollars.

Make reporting part of the standard process

Many of the top agencies for business marketing in Toronto owe a large portion of their success to this simple step. As a marketing agency, you have access to the technology capable of recording and tracking literally any metric pertaining to the marketing process. However, the best marketers know that more is not always better when it comes to reporting. An overload of data can cause the most important metrics to be overlooked and decrease the ability of the client to understand what is happening with their account. Set up regular meetings with the client to go over the data from the proceeding period and work together to tweak the marketing plans as need to optimize the process.

Clearly state metric goals in agreements and encourage clients to stick to them

As with all partnerships in life, business marketing in Toronto works best if everyone is on the same page. This is why it is very important to sit down with the client right away and precisely what metrics you will be using to gauge the success of each particular marketing campaign. Once you have reached an agreement on what to measure, you need to come to an agreement on how much growth is expected to assure that your client’s expectations are realistic. Encourage them to aim low to start, it can take time for a new marketing campaign to gain traction and no one has ever been disappointed when they exceeded their own goals, which may happen if the campaign catches on faster than expected.

Many things can happen over time to make the client suddenly decide they might want to change the metrics being used. This is never a good job as a marketing campaign designed to excel within certain metrics may look terrible when viewed under other metrics and require a complete redesign. The easiest way to avoid this problem is to follow the previous tip, make sure you and the client are in agreement on the metrics and goals and have those terms printed into the initial agreements so that when changes do need to be made, full renegotiations can take place at the same time to assure everyone remains on the same page and working toward the same goal.