Is Mobile Marketing Optional?

In a word: No.

Once upon a time Toronto business marketing firms could make a choice about whether to expand into the mobile marketing or not. During that era, there frequently was no right or wrong decision and firms on both sides of the divide were experiencing equal success with their chosen methods. However, times have definitely changed and today you won’t find a Toronto business marketing expert who knows what they’re talking about who claims that mobile isn’t a vital tool in the marketing game.

Today’s average consumer spends as much, if not more time on their mobile devices than they do on a desktop computer. This is an important statistic as no matter how much money you spend on marketing, it won’t make any difference if the customers that you are targeting never see your ads. As a general rule; the younger your audience is, the more your marketing should be skewed toward mobile as today’s 30 and under segment grew up on technology and have an ingrained need to always be on the cutting edge as the technology advances.

One of the biggest advantages that mobile marketing provides for Toronto business marketing is the ability to truly target your ads directly at your ideal audience. Instead of having a random person view your ads while sitting behind a desk at work or in front of their TV while getting ready to go to bed for the night, you can find customers who are not only in your key demographic but actually out and about in the vicinity of your point of sale and directly target them with your ads.

Marketing techniques come and go as they are replaced by new methods and then subsequently rediscovered and re-implemented down the road. As unlikely as it seems at the moment, it’s possible that in 6 months we’ll be saying the complete opposite and wondering why we ever thought mobile was so vital. However, for the time being if you’re not already using mobile as part of your marketing development, you should be making that a priority so you can take advantage of it while it lasts.