Marketers Have a Trust Problem

Lately, we have spent a lot of time talking about how you can use our Toronto business marketing techniques to pull consumers to your social marketing campaigns. The good news is that many of you seem to be listening to us as the statistics for social marketing continue to climb. However, a recent report from Nielsen has shown that while more people than ever are reading your content, they do not necessarily trust what you have to say.

The study showed that the average online consumer trusts 90% of the information they read from their friends, family and acquaintances on their social media accounts. However, the study goes on to contrast that promising figure with the fact that the same consumers only trust about 40% of the content put out by people like you while following their Toronto business marketing plans.

Now, you’ve made the jump to placing your content on social media but, unfortunately, that increased trust doesn’t automatically come with it. As with relationships in real life, you need to earn it.

The good news is, that trust isn’t quite as hard to earn as it may initially sound like it would be. Thankfully, one of the best ways to earn that trust revolves around something you should already be doing if you’re following our Toronto business marketing advice. Engaging content is the number one thing that will reliably convince your consumers to begin seeing you as more than just a marketer. This means you may have to back off on the direct sales and branded content that you post.

It’s far from easy to strike that balance without a lot of practice, but it’s very possible. As long as you keep trying you’ll find that perfect balance between branded and un-branded content that will not only get your current followers to trust you, but also convince them to tell their friends about you too.