Modern SEO for Businesses

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has always been the digital backbone of Toronto business marketing. Unfortunately many small business marketers allow the ever changing algorithms used by the major search engines to overwhelm them. So, how important are these updates and how much should you worry about them?

This may come as a surprise to many of you, but the vast majority of the changes that are announced by Google, Bing and Yahoo can generally be ignored. That right, we said it, the average entrepreneur or small business owner can afford to ignore almost all of the updates that are made to the algorithms used by the major search engines.

Now you’re probably asking yourself how we can say something as groundbreaking as that. It’s simple really. We have discussed many times the basic principles of a successful SEO campaign within your Toronto business marketing program that apply to all search engines. They always have and always will make up the foundation of what these algorithms look at when judging your website. As long as you have a firm understanding of those fundamentals and have them in place on your website, you’ll be fine.

It’s still important to be aware of the updates when they occur as there are occasionally updates that can have devastating effects on your Toronto business marketing plan if they are not adjusted to. However, these are exceedingly rare and only come up once every year or so. The vast majority of the updates that come across are focused specifically on removing the loopholes used by less than scrupulous site owners in an attempt to force the system to rate bad content above the good content.

Don’t waste your valuable time studying every little change that is announced and spending hours trying to figure out how to tweak your existing content to squeeze and extra place or two out of it. Instead, take the time to develop original, informative and entertaining content and culturing links to your sites that will drive traffic to you and encourage those consumers to spend more time on your pages once they get there. When you boil down all the algorithms and get to the core of what search engines are looking for, those are the things that really make a difference and should make up the core of any successful SEO plan.