Most Businesses Still Missing Out On Online Video

Over the past few years there has been a huge increase in the amount of businesses using online video as part of their Toronto business marketing strategy. However, while these businesses are seeing significant success from this strategy, more than three quarters (77%) of businesses are still not using it. That was the number, according to a recent survey, of businesses who stated that national television advertising was the only form of video marketing they were using.

Among the remaining 23%, answers were nearly evenly split between corporations using online video only and those using a combination of the two with 11 and 12 percent respectively.

So, why are so many businesses hesitant to join the online video revolution?

Honestly, it seems to boil down to sheer corporate stubbornness. When broken down by industry, the leaders amongst those using only internet video were among the more progressive industries. Internet content and communication led the pack as they traditionally have with the majority of technological advances within the Toronto business marketing field. They were followed by those corporations which dealt exclusively with the travel industry as they fight to compete with the current DIY atmosphere which has dominated travel information on the internet.

However, hope is not lost for the future of internet video as a marketing tool. Recent studies have shown that the many businesses have been gradually reducing their television advertising budgets in favor of increased digital spending. A study from Adap.TV showed that slightly more than a third (34%) of businesses reported such a shift in spending.

If your business is not yet taking advantage of the advantages of online video, it’s time to start making the transition. 88% of consumers reported watching at least one online advertisement during the month of October this year, are you missing out on all those potential customers?