Online Video Marketing 101: Introduction to Video Ad Types Part One

The world of online video marketing can be one of the most confusing and daunting aspects for any newcomer making an entry into the online marketing world. With so many different ad styles, lengths, quality and other options, many small businesses become frustrated and give up. This is very unfortunate, because it also happens to be one of the most effective marketing tools available for any business trying to expand their online presence. This is why it’s so important to find an organization experienced in Toronto business marketing to guide you through the hazards and pitfalls to assure you get the most benefit for your marketing dollars.

There are essentially two major categories which video marketing ads fall; Linear and Non-Linear.

Linear Video Advertising

Linear ads are probably the most common variety of video advertising that you will encounter on a daily basis. Linear ads include any ads which air before, during or after a piece of video content which the consumer has opted to watch. Each of these options has both pros and cons for our purposes in the world of Toronto business marketing.

  • Pre-Content – These ads air before the content plays.
    • Pro: Pre-Content ads are seen by anyone who clicks the play button regardless of whether they stay to the end of the content or not.
    • Con: Can be considered very intrusive and may lead to a rise in consumers abandoning the video before watching it.
    • Mid-Content – Airing in the middle of the content these ads offer the best balance of pros and cons.
      • Pro: Decreases the odds of abandonment as this option give the consumer time to become invested in the content before the ad airs.
      • Con: Much like television advertising, these ads are found to be very annoying by many consumers and may still cause abandonment if the ad is too long when compared to the length of the content.
      • Post-Content – Ads which air after the chosen content.
        • Pro: The least intrusive form of linear advertising.
        • Con: The video content has already completed thereby leaving the consumer no reason to stick around for the ad.

Non-Linear Video Advertising

These ads cover a huge variety of other options which can be very useful in Toronto business marketing. We’re going to dedicate a full post to these ad types in the coming weeks since they are too varied and wide spread to cover with proper justice here. They include:

  • In-banner video ads
  • In-video banner ads
  • Companion ads
  • Connected TV advertising

And many more styles as well, so check back soon to learn more about these other useful styles of video advertising.