Online Video Marketing 101: Introduction to Video Ad Types Part Two

In the last post we covered an introduction to the two major divisions within the types of video ads available to us in the field of Toronto business marketing. We mainly discussed the fact that all online video ads could be divided into Linear or Non-linear ads; that previous entry went into detail on the pros and cons of linear ads but touched only briefly on the non-linear variety.

Welcome to part two. We’ll be covering the most popular varieties of non-linear video advertising and how they can be of use to you in achieving your goals in the Toronto business marketing game.

Overlay and Non-Overlay Banner Ads

These ads appear as a banner either just below or overlaying the bottom portion of the video content. These banner ads traditionally contain an invitation to click on the ad. Doing so will pause the current video content and display more information or even video advertising content. These ads are very good way to get your brand name in front of the customer for the length of the content. However, overlay ads may inadvertently block information such as subtitles, captions or other things displayed in the bottom of the content. Fortunately, this downside can be easily avoided with the use of non-overlay advertising while keeping all of the benefits discussed above.

Sponsorship Graphics and Companion Ads

Similar to non-overlay banner ads, these ad types are associated with video content without actually interfering with the content player. Sponsorship graphics are generally a static piece of advertising that will wrap completely around the player on all sides providing a constant presence for your brand or product. Companion ads also have a lot in common with the overlay and non-overlay banner ads from the perspective of a Toronto business marketing expert. These appear as an additional media player alongside the standard one and will only play if prompted by the user.

Connected TV and Console Gaming Ads

Internet connectivity has revolutionized the television and gaming console industry in a huge way over the past few years and now this technology is becoming the next front on the advertising wars. People spend more time watching their televisions than they do online. This is simply a fact that Toronto business marketing professionals have to recognize and deal with. On the plus side for the past 60 years television has conditioned the general public to the fact that advertising is inevitable. By combining that conditioned response with the ability to send interested consumers directly to your website without having to switch devices we can work to revolutionize the way people react to the marketing they see and enjoy. Speaking of enjoyment, some services such as Nuads on Microsoft’s Xbox 360 console actually asks the consumer questions as the ad runs allowing for real time feedback regarding their feeling toward the advertising and the products.

The list goes on and on, but that’s all the time and space we have for today. We’ve covered the biggest opportunities in non-linear marketing and hopefully this will help you make some decisions in how your advertising money can be best spent. If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to post them in the comments section here or ask one of our marketing experts at buzzinternet.ca