An article by Buzz Internet Staff Dec 12, 2012

Do You Need a Marketing Coach?

Many business owners will tell you they don’t even know what a marketing coach is let alone whether they need one or not. Frankly, this seems just to be an excuse to avoid admitting they need help. Toronto business marketing can be a confusing and complex business, there’s no shame in asking for help so you can focus on the rest of your business. In our experience, this is particularly true of business owners who […]

An article by Buzz Internet Staff Dec 5, 2012

Retailers Begin To Change Their Tune On Mobile Tech

Over the past few years many brick and mortar retailers have begun to feel the pain as mobile tech allowed so called “showrooming” to take place. Showrooming is the recently popular practice of going into a store to get an in person opinion of the items you’re looking for, then using your smartphone to compare prices and buy the item online. While mobile tech has been a boon for Toronto business marketing, the showrooming aspect […]

An article by Buzz Internet Staff Nov 28, 2012

Marketers Have a Trust Problem

Lately, we have spent a lot of time talking about how you can use our Toronto business marketing techniques to pull consumers to your social marketing campaigns. The good news is that many of you seem to be listening to us as the statistics for social marketing continue to climb. However, a recent report from Nielsen has shown that while more people than ever are reading your content, they do not necessarily trust what you […]

An article by Buzz Internet Staff Nov 21, 2012

Mobile Ads and Deals Best for Young Consumers

Smart phones and tablets are everywhere you look now, but their prevalence is even more ubiquitous among the younger set of consumers. In a recent study of 18-34 year olds, nearly half had clicked on a mobile ad in the past month. This is great news for any business that needs their Toronto business marketing strategy to specifically target younger consumers. The findings additionally suggest that this demographic prefers the personal connections affiliated with social […]

An article by Buzz Internet Staff Nov 14, 2012

The Third Circle

In his book titled The Book of Business Awesome, author and marketing expert Scott Stratten introduces us to the theory of the third circle. Now, this theory isn’t exactly new to the world of Toronto business marketing however it is presented in a way which is both fresh and helpful to anyone who hasn’t taken the hint from the previous times it’s been stated. Stratten breaks down all of your social media contacts into three […]

An article by Buzz Internet Staff Nov 7, 2012

Harnessing the Consumer Power of Pinterest

Facebook is the undisputed champion of social media when success is measured purely by number of users and pure traffic volume. However, when looking at social media from a Toronto business marketing perspective, the sheer number of people accessing a site is not as important as what those people are doing while they are there. When comparing platforms through this filter, we can begin to see that Pinterest is potentially a preferable service for a […]

An article by Buzz Internet Staff Oct 31, 2012

Does the iPad Mini Require a Revolution in Mobile Advertising?

Apple recently unveiled the long awaited and long expected mini version of their popular iPad tablet designed to compete more directly with the Kindle Fire and Nexus 7 tablets. This has created quite the stir within the mobile device market as Apple fans prove they can always be counted on to rush to get the latest and greatest device. Now you may be wondering why we’re covering this as this blog is dedicated Toronto business […]

An article by Buzz Internet Staff Oct 24, 2012

Big Shake-ups In The Pay Per Click Ad World

These past few weeks have seen a flurry of announcements and studies shake PPC advertisers and publishers a like and have left many wondering what the future will hold for one of the most common and effect digital marketing tools available. This is a huge concern for anyone involved in the digital marketing realm as we all use PPC to some extent and it has always been an extremely reliable marketing tool for Toronto business […]

An article by Buzz Internet Staff Oct 17, 2012

Internet vs. Print Marketing: Why Bother Going Digital?

This is a topic that has been covered countless times on countless blogs, but for some reason we have never bothered giving our readers our personal opinion on why digital marketing is such an important aspect of Toronto business marketing. For the most part, companies are taking full advantage of the huge market that the internet reaches, starting with the largest companies who could afford the risk years ago. The success experienced by these large […]

An article by Buzz Internet Staff Oct 10, 2012

Zuckerberg Finally Confirms that Facebook is Working on Search

The worst kept secret ever has finally been officially confirmed by the CEO of Facebook himself when he recently announced that they had “a team working on search.” He went on to downplay the fact that the social media giant is already handling over a billion search queries per day as their users connect with their friends and favorite brands by saying that “we’re basically not even trying.” Trying or not, these are impressive numbers […]