Pinterest: Why, Where, What & How

We have previously written about the power of Pinterest on this blog. We built a case on why you should take your business on Pinterest in this blog post. However, after rereading our own content, we realized that it may not be enough to convince you to jump right in and harness the marketing power of Pinterest. This is the reason we are posting another blog post about it– to supplement the case we built about its importance and translate it into something that makes much more sense to a business owner like you.
Your business probably has its own virtual store by now a.k.a your Website, but are you aware that you can build virtual mini-stalls for product display, too? You can do this with Pinterest. Pinterest is at  and your Website is at . Your mini-stall (called Board on Pinterest) can display your products and direct customers to your virtual store for purchase when they click on your display. What’s even more exciting is that your displays (called Pins on Pinterest) can be shared by one of your customers and even by window shoppers to other people by displaying or pinning it on their own mini-stall from where they display products that they intend or dream of buying. You can do viral marketing of your products through visual word-of-mouth on Pinterest!
Now, let us to define Pinterest in a way that you are most likely to understand. Pinterest is one of the many social media sites that surfaced on the Internet in this day and age. You can line it up with Facebook and Twitter (social networking sites that you are probably familiar with). Most of these sites are similar in theory, but not in the way they work. Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest’ vision is to make use of the power of Internet to connect people and bring out meaningful relationships through built connections. Facebook does this with Likes and Twitter with Tweets. Pinterest does the same using images. People with similar interest may gather around an image with the purpose of keeping it for inspiration or some other purpose that may be beneficial to a business owner like you– like purchasing the product shown in the image!
Finally, how do you reap the above-mentioned benefits? The answer is simple: Just do it! Sign up now and create your own Pinterest profile. It is OK to find yourself unfamiliar with its features at first because you will eventually get used to it. Pinterest is no rocket science. The way you will use it is much like how you use that picture corkboard or vision wall in your room. Try to keep things organized though! 
As soon as you are settled; get a feel of the community. Try to find out what your audience/potential customers are doing on Pinterest and strategize accordingly. Create content with accompanying images that are relevant to your niche and to your target audience then display them on Pinterest. Create boards that showcase your products and boards about your interests and/or your company’s cause. Be passionate about something and let your Pinterest page reflect it because at the end of the day, it is still what sells: Passion.
Pinterest is as simple as this. You don’t need to be too technical to make it work for you and your business. Social Media is about ‘genuine’ connections, and so is Pinterest. You will only be able to build connections if you go out there and try. Want to build a connection with ROI? It takes a little more than passion– try adding some marketing strategy to it and you’re all set. CONNECT with us for guidance and assistance!