Retailers Begin To Change Their Tune On Mobile Tech

Over the past few years many brick and mortar retailers have begun to feel the pain as mobile tech allowed so called “showrooming” to take place. Showrooming is the recently popular practice of going into a store to get an in person opinion of the items you’re looking for, then using your smartphone to compare prices and buy the item online.

While mobile tech has been a boon for Toronto business marketing, the showrooming aspect of it has obviously been damaging to those retailers who depend on their brick and mortar stores. However, it doesn’t have to be this way and many retailers are already beginning to find that when used properly, mobile tech can potentially offset the damage it has previously done.

As the holidays and their associated shopping seasons approach, traditional retailers have to finally accept the power that mobile technology currently holds in Toronto business marketing. Currently, nearly half of all consumers have smartphones and nearly three out of every four report planning to use that phone to assist in their holiday shopping this year. These numbers are only going to continue rising as smartphone technology becomes more affordable and the associated data networks continue to grow.

Retailers have finally begun to realize this and adapt their Toronto business marketing plans in order to take advantage of the new future that is coming. This technology allows unmatched accessibility to the consumer who is already looking for deals anyway, so why not offer it to them there?

The next step that many retailers are taking is to not only add mobile to their arsenal but to actually embrace it. Predominantly, they are performing this feat by offering deals and information exclusively to mobile users. This tactic is doubly effective as it not only brings customers into your store but also eliminates the showrooming problem by giving the customer a reason to specifically choose to purchase from your store.