Should Your Social Media Manager be Under 25?

This controversial topic has been floating around the internet for the past few weeks and has ruffled a lot of feather as various ‘experts’ stepped forward to throw their two cents into the ring on one side or the other of the debate. After carefully weighing all the various opinions that have been put out there we can definitely say one thing… there is no consensus opinion and both sides make very good arguments. When it comes to Toronto business marketing, we honestly believe that age has a lot less to do with it than the ability to understand, learn and adapt to the changing face of both social media and marketing.

The major argument against using more seasoned employees to handle your social media marketing in Toronto has been the idea that the members of the generation that is just now joining the workforce grew up with social media and understand it on an instinctual level. That’s all well and good, but there is a wide gap between tweeting what you had for breakfast every day and using the platform for effective social media marketing.

Which, of course brings us to the main argument of the other side; the idea that you should only use older employees because they have the marketing experience and know how to properly promote your brand image. However, once again there is a big difference between being able to think up a PPC or television marketing campaign that will run for weeks or months and being able to consistently come up with fresh and exciting content that will hold the notoriously short attention of the typical social media user.

So, what can we conclude from these two arguments to assure ourselves that we are hiring the absolute best possible social media manager for our business marketing in Toronto?  Not a whole lot other than what should have been the obvious approach before this debate ever even got started. Age is nothing but a number. Your younger applicants may have an innate understanding of social media, but there is also plenty of older tech geeks who have actively kept themselves on the cutting edge of every social media platform dating all the way back to when the younger ones were still in diapers.

The ideal candidate should be someone who is experience and knowledgeable in both social media and marketing but even more importantly a drive to constantly learn and adapt to change with the advances in both fields.