Social Networking and SEO

What is the relationship between social media and SEO? According to some studies on the factors that influence SEO, social networks are very important for ranking in Google, for example clicks on “like” or “plus 1 “or comments. The problem with these studies is used with a good website, to check whether the ranking and optimization factors are found in the page or not. But this does not mean, that the factors are the factors that determine the ranking in Google because Google knows this alone.

For example, a web page has the top spot on Google, if you search for the keyword “hotel”. This page contains the keyword in its domain (e.g. “hotel.com”). In the second place there is a page that does not contain this keyword in its domain. So, it seems to have the key problem sought in the domain and is an important factor for SEO. The problem is that, there are thousands of other ranking factors so maybe it’s just by chance that the result with the keyword is in the domain in the first place.

Google loves content that is made for people, not for machines. Then, improve a website for Internet means improving SEO. And now comes the question:

If you improve the content of a page, what happens?

A. People like the content, you click on “like” or “plus 1″ and therefore improves ranking in Google.
B. For the good content, Google upload a page to a better position in search results, most people find this page – because you like the content – click on “like”. (The same problem that is whether the chicken or the egg came first.)

After Moz published an article about the correlation between Google+ and SEO (social networks influence SEO), Matt Cutts of Google responded by saying that there is no correlation: social networks have no influence on the SEO, web pages with good ranking in Google, get more clicks on “tweets” or “plus 1’s” but these clicks do not improve the ranking.

Many webmasters do not believe in these words from Cutts:

First, there are studies showing that different social networks influences the SEO on Google.

Second, social networks are a very important factor in the internet. It would be weird not to use them, to determine the ranking, especially with Google+, because Google has its own network.

Third, social networks like Facebook or Twitter, has its own search engines, are then competition for Google. I think – for Google it is not a good idea to leave the search field, through competition social factors.

Four, if you have a Google account, you can log into your account and look for something that shows your personalized results. If your contacts in Google+ make “plus 1″ on a page, Google will probably show this page, if you want something that is related to that page. Then, in the custom search an influence of Google+ in search results. Why not on the overall results (not custom)?