The Importance of Keeping Your Content Short and Sweet

Today more than ever before it seems that whenever you talk to someone, they have a “too much going on” and are always on the run. This has become a serious issue for television, newspapers and other traditional means of Toronto business marketing. Fortunately, those of us in the digital marketing world have means of reaching these busy consumers and the technological innovations of the past decade have consistently made that task easier and easier if you know how to make it work for you.

According to a recent study [], the average attention span for online content in 2012 was about 8 seconds, down from 12 in 2000. This is a perfect example of why hooking your target consumers as soon as possible is so important.

Toronto business marketing needs to make the jump to using social and other digital media advertising platforms to capture and maintain consumers in 2013. At a time when people are increasingly using their DVRs to skip advertisements in television shows in order to fit them into their lives and newspaper and magazines are losing readership at a dramatic rate, they are also spending more and more time connected to the internet on their smartphones, tablets and other devices.

Though it may not seem immediately obvious that this is all good news for Toronto business marketing, we assure you it is. Through the intelligent use of social media, blog posts and site content we can actually use those short attention spans and busy schedules to our advantage.

Consumers want to be able to find and digest the information they’re looking for in a matter of seconds, so as a marketer we need to do whatever we can to give them exactly that. Fortunately, it’s easier than it may sound. Catchy, high quality content with expert SEO techniques applied to it is the best way to complete this step. Getting someone to see your content in the top half of the first page of a search engine will leave a lasting impression, leaving them coming back to you as their first source the next time they are looking for whatever you’re offering.