The Importance of Using Proper Terminology

Recently a great blog post was brought to our attention about the importance of using proper terms when trying to get a point across. This has long been a well-accepted in the business world but for some reason it seems to completely disappear from the landscape as soon as the conversation goes from the boardroom to the internet. While this may not affect most of the people who are online, it has become a serious problem in the Toronto business marketing world as we all start to begin less and less time in that boardroom and do most of our business online.

Now, the post we’ve linked to before addresses the issues of “blog vs. blog post” which has been a long standing pet peeve among the content marketing professionals who populate the Toronto business marketing world. However, since Forrest Wickman did such a great job of covering that specific topic in the post we linked to above, we’re only going to hit the basics here:

  • BLOG POST: This is what you’re reading right now. It is a single piece of content which is combined with other pieces to make up a larger entity (Blog).
  • BLOG: A blog is a collection of Blog posts. You don’t “post a blog” or even “write a blog”; you can however “post on your blog” or “write for a blog” if you contribute content (Blog Posts) to it.

While that might be the most obvious and most frequent example that can be found across the internet, we need to keep the basic principle in mind at all times. Whether you’re directly involved in Toronto business marketing or simply a business owner looking to hire a marketing firm, this should equally important to you.

Whether you like it or not, in today’s digital world the first impression many customers will receive of your company will come through your online presence. Some percentage of those customers will be sticklers for language and will judge you based upon both the words you use and how you use them. For these people, proper word usage instills a feeling of confidence and professionalism which can make the difference between whether they choose you or not.