The Third Circle

In his book titled The Book of Business Awesome, author and marketing expert Scott Stratten introduces us to the theory of the third circle. Now, this theory isn’t exactly new to the world of Toronto business marketing however it is presented in a way which is both fresh and helpful to anyone who hasn’t taken the hint from the previous times it’s been stated.

Stratten breaks down all of your social media contacts into three circles with you as their collective center which become both more important and more difficult to influence as you move out from the center.

  • First Circle – These are your immediate contacts. They include your most loyal friends, family, employees and longtime customers. While they may be the most important customers for keeping your business afloat, these contacts are ultimately the least important when it comes to spreading your message and creating market influence.
  • Second Circle – Your first circle’s friends. This circle is familiar with who you are and what you’re all about as they are repeatedly exposed to your content through the members of the first circle who can always be depended upon to pass it forward. This group on the other hand is only going to share the best of your content and ignore the unimpressive pieces.
  • Third Circle – This is by far the largest circle as it contains the contacts of your second circle. As it is so large, it is also the most valuable for maximizing your Toronto business marketing content distribution. Unfortunately, this group is also the hardest to influence as they only the see the select content which the second deems worthy of being passed forward. Of those pieces they see, they will further sift through your content and only share the best of the best with the large number of contact that have now been connected to you through these three circles.

The reason we found this model so impressive was its sheer simplicity. Anyone with an interest in maximizing their Toronto business marketing efforts can picture the three circles extending from themselves and easily visualize the increasing number of people which make up the rings as they extend outward. From there, it is an exceedingly simple step to finally realize the importance of high quality content.

How do you assure your content is good enough to penetrate through to the third circle? We’d love to hear your success stories, so please leave us a comment and let us know your secrets.