Using Social Media to Recruit New Employees

We usually focus pretty much exclusively on business marketing in Toronto with this blog but we have recently had a large portion of our clients asking us about how they can use their social media accounts to find the best possible candidates for their job openings. Social media has become one of the most frequently used tools for vetting interviewees but it’s potential as a way to get your job postings in front of the best candidates in the first place has been mostly overlooked. So, let’s look at each of the most popular social media platforms and decipher t ins and outs of each as a recruiting tool in addition to their uses for business marketing in Toronto.


If we’re going to start anywhere, we might as well start at the top. Facebook is the reigning champion of the social media game and doesn’t look like it is going to fall from its throne anytime soon. We have previously discussed the importance of a dedicated page for you company when it comes to business marketing in Toronto, and the good news is that you can use that same page as the basis for your recruitment plan. Simply add a ‘Jobs’ tab to your page and you’ll have all of your openings right there in front of potential candidates and can even have them applying without ever leaving the site.


While twitter’s wide open format makes it extremely easy to get your job listing out to the public, its average of 175 million posts per day means that your posts can easily be missed by the people you are targeting. The key to a successful Twitter campaign is research. You need to find out what hash tags your target audience is likely to search for and what twitter chats they are most likely to follow. Armed with that information, you can make sure that your posts are not overlooked and gain valuable followers at the same time.


Not the biggest or flashiest of the social media options, Google+ has exhibited fast and steady growth ever since it launched in June of 2011. It features approximately 150 million active users and has become the platform of choice for the most tech savvy users out there. This is the place you’re going to want to focus your efforts on if you are looking for a new IT specialist or similar positions.


Arguably the one platform that has not been ignored as a recruiting tool, LinkedIn is also the smallest of the major social media entities. The greatest advantage that it offers is the fact that it has always been designed as a way for professionals to connect with each other and with corporations as opposed to being a purely social media platform which you then had to modify for your purposes.


Pinterest is by far the trickiest the platform to put to use as a recruiting tool but if you are successful it can be a very effective tool. As it is a purely visual medium, any recruiting strategy must be modified to catch the eye of your prospective employees. As with using Pinterest as a tool for business marketing in Toronto, infographics and videos displaying various aspects of your corporate culture are going to be the most effective tools you can use here.