When Using Social Marketing, Don’t Forget Your SEO

We’ve discussed in the past that SEO and social media marketing are two of the main principles of Toronto business marketing. Unfortunately, many of our readers seem to think that these are two completely separate things. This couldn’t be further from the truth as they actually work most effectively when used not only in conjunction with each other, but actually as a blend of the two.

To use social marketing effectively as part of your overall Toronto business marketing strategy, your target audience needs to be able to find it. In spite of the numerous changes in the way consumers use the internet, the main way people find content is still through the use of search engines.

As we’ve discussed in the past, one of the major factors that search engines use to categorize your content is Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Most of you seem to have this concept in hand when it comes to the content you place on your website; however it is frequently overlooked when it comes to the social media aspect of your Toronto business marketing plan.

Social media without proper SEO is only going to take your message as far as your current followers and their word of mouth. You can get some distance out of this assuming your content is good enough that your customers will feel compelled to tell their friends about it. However, this is obviously a slow progression which can be drastically sped up by proper SEO. Proper SEO takes your content to a much broader audience who may not have heard about you otherwise and may have even been searching for one of your competitors.