Why You Should Already Be On Google+

You might be surprised to hear this, but one of the biggest opportunities that most Toronto business marketing plans are currently missing out on is Google+. Most business owners have read the stories about the relatively low membership numbers that Google+ has been showing since its inception and either gave up immediately or never gave it a chance to begin with.

Both of those situations are extremely unfortunate as the fledgling website is your best bet for business-to-business (B2B) marketing and networking. Social networking and all its associated trappings are great, but in its current form it will never be able to replace standard person-to-person networking skills which have been used for centuries by businessmen and women trying to get ahead.

Currently, Google+ is made up mostly of businesses, which makes it the ideal place to look to make those sorts of contacts. One of the major reasons for this plethora of businesses on the site at this time is the fact that you can join the site as a corporation, something which still isn’t allowed on Facebook.

Google+ also encourages much more of a sense of community than most people feel with their corporate “friends” on Facebook. This is done through a very useful tool called “hangouts” which allows for group meetings. These meetings are not only great for the previously mentioned B2B connections, but also for making personal contact with your customers. Conveniently, Google+ continues to attract the more tech savvy consumers, these are exactly the consumers who appreciate these features the most.

Additionally, if you have a product which is aimed at a primarily male audience, you have even more of a reason to join. Google’s own statistics show that Google+ membership is heavily skewed toward a male demographic. So if you have a male-targeted product and an urge to talk about it; you need to be adding Google+ to your Toronto business marketing plan as soon as possible and use it to the fullest extent.