Zuckerberg Finally Confirms that Facebook is Working on Search

The worst kept secret ever has finally been officially confirmed by the CEO of Facebook himself when he recently announced that they had “a team working on search.” He went on to downplay the fact that the social media giant is already handling over a billion search queries per day as their users connect with their friends and favorite brands by saying that “we’re basically not even trying.”

Trying or not, these are impressive numbers for any company that is not a dedicated search engine and the future potential of a Facebook powered search engine is colossal for business marketing in Toronto. Zuckerberg has made it clear that he envisions using the power inherent in the trillions of interpersonal connections between the users of Facebook to produce a whole new generation of search engine like nothing that has been seen before and we believe they have the ability and drive to make exactly that happen. This project would change the face of Toronto business marketing as we already use two very different strategies for social and search marketing accounts; Facebook’s proposed crossover of these two disparate platforms would drive innovation as Toronto business marketing firms are forced to adapt to this new playing field.

How big could a Facebook search engine be? One study suggests that if Facebook were to launch a traditional search platform today they would instantly capture nearly a quarter of the search market, dropping them solidly into second place in every major market except Russia, China and Japan where they would sit in third position with no challengers in sight. That same study predicted that the percentage could rise as high as 50% within a few short years of development.

Facebook can’t seem to fail with anything they do (with the exception of the stock market) and we don’t see any reason why Facebook search wouldn’t be another golden egg for the social media leader.